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A. Spanish program (only courses regularly taught and/or convened)

Spanish 2001  Continuing Spanish I   

Spanish 2002 Continuing Spanish II         

Spanish 2601  The Sounds of Spanish

Spanish 2603  History of the Spanish Language

Spanish 3001  Intermediate Spanish I   


LANG3007 Romance Linguistics                                         

B. Linguistics program


Linguistics 2020/6020 Structure of English            

Linguistics 2003/6003 Introduction to Syntax/Grammar of the World's Languages


C. PhB Advanced Studies Courses and reading courses


Advanced Studies Course, ARTS2102. 2015

Advanced Studies Course, SPAN2603 History of the Spanish Language

Reading course for Honours student. 2019.

Reading course for MA student. 2018.

Reading group on syntax for colleagues and students (non-assessed). 2013.


D. Before appointment at ANU


1. Swarthmore College, PA, US

Spanish 4 Advanced Grammar

Spanish 8 Composition and Conversation


2. Ohio State University, OH, US

Spanish 102.66 Intensive Review I

Spanish 103.01 Intermediate I

Spanish 103.66 Intensive Review II

Spanish 104 Intermediate II

Spanish 250 Fact and Fiction: A Reading Course in Spanish

Spanish 401 Advanced Grammar

Spanish 430 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

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