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Constructions in the history of Portuguese and Spanish

This is collaborative research with my colleague Dr Patrícia Amaral (Indiana University). We have worked on the syntactic and semantic changes of several noun-based constructions in the history of Portuguese and Spanish.

To read more about this, check these publications:

2022. with Patrícia Amaral. Noun-Based Constructions in the History of Portuguese and Spanish. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2019. with Patrícia Amaral. “Not a fact: A synchronic analysis of el hecho de and o facto de”, Probus.

2018. with Patrícia Amaral. “Subcategorization and change: A diachronic analysis of sin embargo (de que)”, in Jonathan E MacDonald (ed.), Contemporary Trends in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 31-48.

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