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Clausal nominalisation in Spanish

I am interested in the nominal properties of complementisers (e.g., Spanish que) and the overall syntax of clausal nominalisation (or substantivisation), especially the use of the definite article el ('the') with finite clauses.

To read more about this, check the following papers:

2020 “Substantivized embedded interrogative and exclamative finite wh-clauses in Spanish”, in M González-Rivera, S Sessarego (ed.), Interface-Driven Phenomena in Spanish: Essays in Honor of Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach. Abingdon: Routledge, 85-110.

2019. with Patrícia Amaral. “Not a fact: A synchronic analysis of el hecho de and o facto de”, Probus.

2013 “Clausal substantivization in Spanish: syntax and constraints”, Australian Journal of Linguistics 33.2: 106-120.

2013. Prepositional Clauses in Spanish. A Diachronic and Comparative Syntactic Study. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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