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Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero, SFHEA

School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

Australian National University



A. Education


2009    Ph.D. in Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics). The Ohio State University, USA. Department of Spanish   

              and Portuguese.

2003    Diploma de Estudios Avanzados. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Major: Spanish


2000    Licenciado en Filología Hispánica. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.



B. Grants and awards

2018   Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

2018    Vice Chancellor Teaching Enhancement Grant (with Solène Inceoglu and Josh Brown), ANU.

2017    CASS grant for workshop “Second Language Pronunciation Teaching and Learning” (with

            Solène Inceoglu), ANU.

2013, 2015, 2019 RSHA External Visitors Support funding:

            Dr M. Carmen Parafita Couto (Leiden University, Netherlands). July-August 2019.

            Dr Patrícia Amaral (Indiana University, USA). June-July 2015.

            Dr William Steed (JCU) and Dr Helen Fraser, June-July 2013.

            Ms Alicia Mellado (UCLM, Spain), June-July 2013.

2011-16   RSHA/ANU Travel grants. To present at conferences.

2014    CASS Small grant for “Australian Spanish Pronunciation Project”, ANU.

2013    Teaching Enhancement Grant, granted to Professor Jane Simpson.

2012    Visiting Fellow, Humanities Research Centre, ANU. Semester 1.

2012    Office for Learning and Teaching Award for Programs that Enhance Learning – The Spanish

             Program. Australian Government.

C. Appointments


2020-         Senior Lecturer (level C), ANU.

2012-19       Lecturer (level B), ANU.

2010-11        Lecturer (level A). School of Language Studies, ANU.

2009-10     Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College, PA, USA.

2009           Lecturer. Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Ohio State University, USA.

2004-8       Graduate Teaching Assistant. Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Ohio State

                     University, USA.



D. Publications




  • 2022. with Patrícia Amaral. Noun-Based Constructions in the History of Portuguese and Spanish. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • 2013.  Prepositional Clauses in Spanish. A Diachronic and Comparative Syntactic Study. Berlin: De Gruyter.


Chapters and journal articles


  • 2020. “Substantivized embedded interrogative and exclamative finite wh-clauses in Spanish”. in M. González-Rivera and S. Sessarego (eds.). Interface-Driven Phenomena in Spanish: Essays in Honor of Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach, Abingdon/New York: Routledge, 85-110.

  • 2019. With Patrícia Amaral. “Not a fact: A synchronic analysis of el hecho de and o facto de”, Probus 31.1: 1-27.

  • 2019. With William Steed and Alfredo Herrero de Haro. “Spanish pronunciation and teacher training: challenges and suggestions”, in R. Rao (ed.). Key Issues in the Teaching of Spanish Pronunciation, Oxford/New York: Routledge, 304-323.

  • 2018. With Patrícia Amaral. “Subcategorization and change: A diachronic analysis of sin embargo (de que)”. In J. E. MacDonald (ed.). Contemporary Trends in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 31-48.

  • 2016. “Historia del español: sintaxis”. In J. Gutiérrez-Rexach (ed.). Enciclopedia de Lingüística Hispánica, Oxford/New York: Routledge, 590-600.

  • 2015. With William Steed. “La enseñanza de la pronunciación del español en Australia: actitudes y creencias de los profesores”. The Journal of Spanish Language Teaching 2.1: 18-35.

  • 2015. With Elisabeth Mayer. “Continuity and innovation in Peruvian Spanish: Pragmatics and contact in (differential) object marking”. In M. González-Rivera and S. Sessarego (eds.). New Perspectives on Hispanic Contact Linguistics in the Americas. Madrid: Iberoamericana Vervuert, 99-120.

  • 2014. “Dequeísmo and queísmo in Portuguese and Spanish”. In P. Amaral and A. M. Carvalho (eds.). Portuguese-Spanish Interfaces. Diachrony, synchrony, and contact, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 95-120.

  • 2014. With William Steed. “First things first: Exploring Spanish Students’ Attitudes toward Learning Pronunciation in Australia”. The Language Learning Journal 46.2: 103-113.

  • 2014. With William Steed. “Fair dinkum. L2 Spanish in Australia by the book”. In J. Levis and S. McCrocklin (eds.). Proceedings of the 5th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference. Ames, IA: Iowa State University, 58-67.

  • 2014. With William Steed. “Quantifying Australian L2 Spanish Pronunciation”. In C. Travis, J. Hajek, C. Nettelbeck, E. Beckmann and A. Lloyd-Smith (eds.). Languages & Cultures Network for Australian Universities Colloquium (LCNAU 2013)-The Second National LCNAU Colloquium, LCNAU, 411-425.

  • 2013 “Clausal substantivization in Spanish: syntax and constraints”, Australian Journal of Linguistics 33.2: 106-120.

  • 2013. With Elisabeth Mayer. “Romance Linguistics in the Pacific: Variation in Time and Space”, Australian Journal of Linguistics 33.2: 103-105.

  • 2012 “Relative and possessive features in colloquial Spanish”. In M. González-Rivera and S. Sessarego (eds.). Current Formal Aspects of Spanish Syntax and Semantics, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 78-94.

  • 2012. With Melvin González-Rivera. “On the syntax and semantics of Spanish comparative binomial noun phrases (cQBNPs)”. In M. González-Rivera and S. Sessarego (eds.). Current Formal Aspects of Spanish Syntax and Semantics, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 179-197.

  • 2011. With Melvin González-Rivera. “Feature sharing and (in)definiteness in the nominal domain”. Proceedings of the 34th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 17.1: 125-134.

  • 2011. With Sandro Sessarego. “Variation and syntax in number expression in Afro-Bolivian Spanish”. In L. A. Ortiz-López (ed.). Selected Proceedings of the 2009 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS), Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project, 42-53.

  • 2009. With Ana Isabel Zapata-Calle and Elena Marcello. Critical edition, prologue, and notes. Los celos de Rodamonte. In F. B. Pedraza Jiménez and R. González Cañal (dirs.). Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla. Obras completas. Volumen II. Primera parte de comedias. Cuenca: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. 443-586, 725-761.

  • 2008. “Evidence and theory in syntactic change: Revisiting the history of Spanish prepositional finite clauses”. Purdue Linguistics Association Working Papers 1.2: 78-98.

  • 2008. “Innovation in relativization: the new Spanish possessive relative el cual su N”. Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics 30: 51-65.

  • 2004. With Luis García Fernández. Translation of “Statives, progressives, habituals", by Pier Marco Bertinetto. In L. García Fernández and B. Camus Bergareche (eds.): El pretérito imperfecto. Madrid: Gredos.


E. Workshops organised


-Spanish/Romance Linguistics


2019  Co-convenor of workshop “Multiple causation in language change: mechanisms under the magnifying glass, International Conference on Historical Linguistics 24, ANU. 1 July. With Patrícia Amaral.

2018  Co-convenor of workshop “Romance linguistics in Australasia: Current models and new trends”, at Australian Linguistic Society conference, UniSA, Adelaide, 11 December. With Josh Brown.

2014  Co-convenor of workshop ‘Structures in Romance Languages”. Australian Linguistic Society 2014 conference. University of Newcastle, Australia, December. With Catherine Travis and Elisabeth Mayer.

2011  Co-convenor of workshop “Romance Linguistics in the Pacific”. Australian Linguistic Society conference. ANU, December. With Catherine Travis and Elisabeth Mayer.




2017 Co-convenor of workshop “Second Language Pronunciation Teaching and Learning” at ANU. 6 October. With Solène Inceoglu.

2013  Co-convenor of workshop ““Yes, we must!”: Teaching and learning pronunciation in the L2/FL classroom”. LCNAU conference, ANU, 5 July. With William Steed.



F. Invited talks/seminars/workshops


2018  “Exploring Pronunciation Teaching and Assessment in Australian L2 Subject Outlines” and panel discussion. 3rd Pronunciation Symposium, University of Wollongong, 25 November. With William Steed.

2016  “Adpositions meet clauses in Romance: a view from historical syntax”, Indiana University (Departments of Spanish and Portuguese, French and Italian, and Linguistics), Bloomington, IN, USA, 11 April.

2015  “Instructing rhythm and other suprasegmentals in the Spanish class in Australia”, workshop/talk at 2015 ASSTA Research Event How to apply linguistic knowledge to foreign language teaching and learning, Griffith University, Brisbane, 18 April. With William Steed.

2015  Guest lecture on Distributed Morphology in LING2007 Morphology, ANU.

2014  “Teaching and learning pronunciation in the FL/L2 class”, seminar, Language Teaching Forum, ANU, 3 December.

2014  “El español en las Antípodas: la pronunciación en Australia” [Spanish in the Antipodes: pronunciation in Australia], seminar, Leiden University, The Netherlands, 15 April. With William Steed and Alfredo Herrero de Haro.

2014  Seminar/workshop on teaching and learning Spanish pronunciation for students of the Phonetics and Phonology MA program, CSIC (Spanish National Research Centre), Spain, 9 April. With William Steed.

2014  “Sintaxis histórica de las oraciones preposicionales. Mecanismos de cambio y teoría formal” [Historical syntax of prepositional clauses. Mechanisms of change and formal theory], seminar for the Syntax research program at CSIC, Spain. 8 April.

2012  “Clausal re-nominalizations in Romance”, seminar, Humanities Research Centre, ANU, 22 May.

2011  “Inter-generational contact and variation in agreement in Afro-Bolivian DPs”, seminar, Bangor University, UK, 10 January. With Sandro Sessarego.

2009  “Formalizing variable concord in Afro-Bolivian Spanish DPs”, Swarthmore College. Swarthmore, PA, US. 10 November. With Sandro Sessarego.

2007  “A new possessive relative for Spanish: el cual su N”, Kenyon College, OH, US. 6 December. 

2007  “Cambios sintácticos en la historia del español” [Syntactic changes in the history of Spanish],  invited lecture, Kenyon College, OH, US. 6 December.


G. HDR and Honours supervision (ANU)




-Turki Alharbi, PhD student, Improving the Speech Intelligibility of Segmental and Suprasegmental Patterns in the Saudi EFL Context. Chair of panel. Completed. 2022.

-Charbel El-Khaissi, PhD student. The diachrony of definiteness in Syriac. Chair of panel, 2020-.




-Song Jing. A Syntactic Analysis of Xie in Southwestern Mandarin, MA thesis, Master of General and Applied Linguistics (Advanced). Completed. 2018. (Admitted into the PhD program in Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US).

-Charbel El-Khaissi. The Syntax of Genitive Constructions in Syriac, MA thesis, Master of General and Applied Linguistics (Advanced). Completed. 2018.

-Assessor of MA thesis Analysis of Appreciations and Audience Response in 4 Mexican Political Speeches, Rosa Margarita Escobar Hernández. 2011, ANU.  




-Jessica Bottomley. Exploring Phonological Awareness and Awareness of Grapheme-phoneme Correspondences in Australian Tertiary Students of Spanish. Co-supervised with Dr William Steed. Completed. 2016. (She went on to Masters in Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne).

-Kelsey O’Leary. Tentative topic: The Syntax of Clausal Nominalisation in Spanish and Portuguese. In progress. 2019.

-Assessor of Spanish Honours thesis ¿Castellano o español?, Jennifer Edmondson. 2010, ANU.


H. Education (see Teaching)


I. Service


Convenorship and leadership


2020-21           Spanish program convenor.

2019-20           HDR convenor, Languages and Linguistics.

2019-21           Honours convenor, Spanish.

2017                 ANU Language Teaching Forum co-convenor. Semester 1 2017.

2016-17           Spanish program convenor. Semester 2 2016-semester 1 2017.

2014-16           Honours convenor, Spanish.

2014-16           HDR convenor, Languages and Linguistics.

2013                Convenor of the Linguistics Board of Studies.

2012-13           HDR convenor, School of Language Studies.

2012-17           Co-organizer of HDR Professionalization Workshops and Graduate Conference Days.

2013                Initiating and setting up of the Antonio de Nebrija-Embassy of Spain Award.

2010-13           Initiating and setting up of the UCLM-ANU student exchange.


Search committee work


2020                Search committee member, Spanish. SLLL.

2019                Search committee member, Tok Pisin. CHL, CAP.

2015                Search committee member, Education Development Studio, CASS.

2014-18           Liaison committee member: Spanish position (2014), French positions (2015, 2018), 

                         Linguistics position (2015).  SLLL.


Outreach and engagement


2019                Local organizing committee member, International Conference on Historical Linguistics.

2019                Peer teaching observations, SLLL.

2019-              Member of the CASS/CAP teaching mentoring program.

2019                Q&A session with Spanish students, Melba-Copland College, Canberra.

2019                Contributor to “Value of Languages” PPT to promote languages in Australia. With

                        Catherine Travis, Josh Brown and Solène Inceoglu.

2018                Participant and presenter at the NTU-ANU Research Day.

2018                Active contributor to SLLL external review.

2018                Volunteer editor for Spanish language article in Woroni, ANU’s student newspaper.

2017                 Invited by students to BYO Academic Evening at Ursula Hall, ANU. 12 May

2014-               Organisation and delivery of the Antonio de Nebrija-Embassy of Spain Award

2014                Media mention in Spanish newspaper on my experience as Spanish teacher in


2012-13            Assistant for Centre for Research on Language Change, ANU.

2011                  Assistant, OzCLO, Australia.

2011-                Active engagement and presentations in promoting Spanish and other European

                         languages at Open Day, HASS days, O-Week events, etc.



J. Other service


Peer reviewer

-Book proposals and book chapters (De Gruyter, Routledge, John Benjamins, Cambridge University Press, Wiley, Cengage).

-Journal articles (Lingua, Australian Journal of Linguistics, Porta Linguarum [Spain], La Corónica [USA], Forma y Función [Colombia], LSRL, Hispania, Borealis).

-Conference abstracts (regular reviewer for Linguistic Society of America conference, Australian Linguistic Society conference, Hispanic Linguistics Symposium; 2019 Going Romance, 8th International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics, 2015, 2017, 2019 Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World, 2013 Portuguese Linguistics in the United States).

-PhD scholarship reviewer, National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki), Government of Poland. 2017.  

-External assessor for Spanish courses, University of Auckland, New Zealand. 2013-15, 2017.



K. Professional memberships


Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE)

Australian Linguistic Society (ALS)

Languages & Cultures Network for Australian Universities (LCNAU)

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific (SRAP)

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